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% Interrupt Time is the time the processor spends receiving and servicing hardware interrupts during sample intervals. This value is an indirect indicator of the activity of devices that generate interrupts, such as the system clock, the mouse, disk drivers, data communication lines, network interface cards and other peripheral devices. These devices normally interrupt the processor when they have completed a task or require attention. Normal thread execution is suspended during interrupts. Most system clocks interrupt the processor every 10 milliseconds, creating a background of interrupt activity. suspends normal thread execution during interrupts. This counter displays the average busy time as a percentage of the sample time.

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
_Total Processor_InterruptTime gauge      
0,_Total Processor_InterruptTime_1_ gauge      
0,3 Processor_InterruptTime_2_ gauge      
0,2 Processor_InterruptTime_3_ gauge      
0,1 Processor_InterruptTime_4_ gauge